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Hello everyone!

Embark on a Journey of Discovery: Mathematical Economics and Data Analysis at
Welcome to Satbayev University’s Mathematical Economics and Data Analysis program, where analytical rigor meets real-world applications. As we open admissions for the 2024 academic year, we invite you to become part of a community that values precision, analytical thinking, and data-driven decision-making.
Program Overview Our program is designed for those who aspire to delve into the complexities of economics and harness the power of data analysis. You will explore the mathematical underpinnings of economic theory, learn cutting-edge data analysis techniques, and apply your knowledge to solve pressing economic problems.
Admission Requirements
A strong foundation in mathematics and a keen interest in economics.
Proficiency in English, with the ability to engage in complex analytical discussions.
A bachelor’s degree in economics, mathematics, or a related field (for graduate programs).
Official transcripts, a statement of purpose, and two letters of recommendation.
Curriculum Highlights
Advanced courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics.
Training in statistical software and data analysis tools.
Opportunities for research and real-world data projects.
Electives that allow you to tailor your education to your career goals.
Career Prospects Graduates of our program are well-equipped for careers in:
Economic analysis and policy-making.
Data analytics and business intelligence.
Financial markets and risk management.
Research and academia.
Application Process Begin your journey by submitting an online application through our university portal. Ensure that all required documents are uploaded and that you meet the specified deadlines. Our admissions team is dedicated to a holistic review of each applicant, considering both academic achievements and potential for future success.
Join Us At Satbayev University, we’re not just educating the next generation of economists and data analysts; we’re shaping the future of decision-making in business and policy. Apply now and take the first step towards a fulfilling career at the intersection of mathematics, economics, and data analysis.
How to enroll in a university

Campus Open Days
Enrollment Deadlines

Good luck and good progress!

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